When a Spider Came to Stay
Author: Rebecca Crosdale
Illustrations: Charles Berton
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Rebecca Crosdale’s When a Spider Came to Stay-The Spider in My Den Series 2
By lilmizflashythang on July 27, 2014
Format Paperback

The book is about a little girl who is fascinated with the spider in her house. (Something has to be wrong with her.)

The story seems more geared to children up to the second grade level. Some of the words are a bit bigger than what would be included in a ‘first reader,’ though it seems Mrs. Crosdale truly wishes to book to help explain some of the differences around us and the different people we’ll meet.

There is a questionnaire included in the book that is designed to encourage discussion between the parent and child, or–in the case of early school lessons–teacher and child.

My favorite part was the fact that Mrs. Crosdale was encouraging parents to take interest in their child’s education. Read More

By Shirley Priscilla JohnsonTOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on July 26, 2014

I have to say that as I read this book I have thought of the different times when I was sitting in a room and in came a Spider. To be honest with you, I was not happy about it. Spiders creep me out. Now in this book we meet a girl who embraces the visitation of a spider in her room. She watches the spider as it spins numerous webs, she interacts with it,and has a short conversation until the spider leaves. Her thoughts on spiders definitely seemed altered. At the end of the book our author has some Discussion points to share with your young one, using the example of the spider and the girl to help bring across interacting relationships with something different than we are. I believe the author is trying to show everything in this world is different, but has a purpose, and should be considered important. Definitely a lesson learned.

A lesson in looking beyond your initial impressions
By Charles Ashbacher on July 25, 2014
Format Paperback

For many people, spiders are creepy. Yet, they are valuable in keeping the insect population down and they are generally inoffensive and otherwise harmless. In this book, Crosdale has developed a story where a spider is just generally a spider, spinning beautiful webs so that the red-headed girl can admire them.

After her initial bit of mild revulsion, the girl "communicates" with the spider and offers it some of her healthy cheese and apple meal. She then learns that spiders eat insects rather than human food and eventually considers the webs in the room decorations rather than something to be cleaned.

There are four pages of educational discussion questions at the end that educators can use to prompt children to discuss the story. While some of the questions are about spiders, many are about how to interact with your environment and to look at things a little longer and beyond your first impressions. This is what makes this book an excellent educational tool, for Crosdale takes a common event and uses it to develop a method for exploration of the world. Read More

A lovely lesson book for little ones
By Gayle Pace "May A Rainbow Shine Down On You!" on July 24, 2014
Format: Paperback

This is a tale of a young girl who finds a spider in her room. As she watches the spider weaving those intricate webs, each different and so complicated. When food is offered to the Spider, the spider just slowly walks aways. Maybe the spider wants to be able to share the room with the girl. Being different species, the girl and the spider find admiration in each other. The author stuck in a little lesson for our younger readers. Even though we are all different we are all special i n our own ways. When we learn to share, it shows that we care, even if we are different. There's nothing wrong with being different. The illustrations are in vivid colors to grab the younger reader. They fit in with the story. Also at the end of the book, there are some questions and answers about spider and other creatures.

If your little one, girl or boy, are interested in insects, then they need to read or be read to this book. They will love it.

They will want to take it out and read this book time and time again. Read More

Humans and Spiders
By Ashley Howland on July 21, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

Sharing is caring… when a spider comes to stay there is only so much you can share. You can be amazed at the beauty of the webs they create. In this book there is an interesting play between human and spider. At the end of the book there are also some great questions and answers about spiders. Children who have an interest in how animals do things will enjoy finding out more about spiders. Read More

Lessons we can learn from a spider
By Sandra K. Stiles on July 15, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

I received a copy from the author to facilitate my review, the opinions are my own.

When a Spider Came to Stay is the story of a young girl who notices a spider in her room. She watches as the spider spins webs, each one more elaborate that the previous one, into the corners of her room. The young girl offers some of her food to the spider only to watch the spider walk away. The only thing the spider wants is to be able to share the room with the girl. The girl admires the work of the spider even though they are different species. This is a great story meant to show us that we are all unique in our own ways. Read More

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