There are several branches of life and reality in which I am endlessly fascinated, and in which I am constantly developing my philosophical take, as it is more than just a compulsion on my part, but a duty. In fact, it is everyone's duty to acquire and maintain a workable philosophy. The quality of one's life really depends on one's philosophy. Feelings of frustration and/or depression are nature's way of telling you that your philosophy is less than ideal, and that you should look into revising it or getting a completely new one.

This is my personal philosophy. See if you agree, disagree or can use parts of it that may work for you.

Let’s start at the beginning, cosmologically, which is always a good place to start. From there, logic will bring us naturally to the human experience we all share.

Those who study physics will tell you that by taking into account the trajectory of all visible matter in the universe, one could extrapolate backward in time. By doing this, it becomes evident that all matter recedes into one tiny speck, and then further still into something called the singularity, where there is no space or time. A singularity is also found within every black hole that currently exists.

All matter and energy that we know of came from this singularity, which is to say, that everything came from nothing. Impossible as it may seem, it is possible if there is some intelligence with the power to borrow.

"Borrow from what," you might ask, "nothing?"


What do you get, let’s say, when you borrow one hundred from zero? Negative one hundred (-100) is the answer. When you do that in physics, you get that same value but as antimatter. For all the matter that exists, at one time, there was an equal amount of antimatter. And for all the positive energy that came into existence, an equal amount of negative energy also came into existence. All matter has its counterpart in antimatter. Should the two every come into contact with each other, they’d cancel each other out, and some say there would even be an explosion of epic proportions. But it’s never been tried. Let’s keep it that way.

Picture creation as a number line where the singularity is zero and one is the beginning of time:

... -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9...

I contend that since there is no time or space in a singularity, only one singularity could possibly “exist”, and yet, it is the point of nonexistence. Therefore, everything that gets pulled into a black hole gets crushed into the singularity and is spit back out from the same singularity at the beginning of time known as the big bang. This solves the debate about the so-called loss of information inside a black hole. The physical laws as we know it say that information cannot be lost, yet it appears to be lost in a black hole. Not so! It is brought back through the big bang. This theory solves that dilemma.

Think of it as the circle of time, space and matter. Just like if you travel in a straight line on Earth, you will eventually arrive at the same spot where you started your journey. At the end of time is the beginning of time. At the end of space is the beginning of space. At the end of matter is the beginning of matter. Think of it as a giant juicer. You drop a plum in, and it gets liquefied, only with intelligent design, that liquid plum forms back into a solid plum once again. That is called the law of inverse transformation.

The law of inverse transformation brings us to the human experience now. Friction can produce electricity; therefore electricity can produce friction - the law of inverse transformation. It's done all the time. Let’s take it a step further. If good fortune can produce in you joy and gratitude, then joy and gratitude can produce good fortune. This is not magic; it’s the law of inverse transformation. Think about it. If a positive outlook and a healthy chemical balance can produce a smile, then a smile can produce a positive outlook and a healthy chemical balance. A famous philosopher named Yeshua from the first century taught this. He said that if you are thankful before the thing happens, as if it had already happened, then it will happen. Most people wait to see the thing happen first before they are thankful.

If you want something bad enough, you must envision the thing clearly as if it had already happened, and when you can clearly see it in your mind’s eye, you can give thanks for the thing. Gratitude is gravity. With gravity, like-things attract more readily. Therefore, the thing in your mind is so identical with the real thing, that the real thing is attracted to your mental image empowered by your gratitude. Gratitude is gravity. Back when our planet was forming, every single rock that joined a cluster of rocks said, “Thank you!” And the cluster of rocks answered, “No, no, no, thank you!” And this attitude of gratitude is the enthusiasm behind intelligent design which created you and I.

Now you know my general philosophy. I place a high level of conviction in all I stated above, except, perhaps, the rocks saying thank you, which was only to illustrate a point, but you knew that.

You can call my brand of philosophy the Charles Berton spin on pansychism and theoretical physics. For other philosophical theories and mental exercises, please see Articles on this site. Please feel free to comment or ask any questions regarding my philosophy through my Contact page. If your comments or questions are serious, I will post them on this page along with my reply if I have one.

Thank you!

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