The Alpha Eye

Dr. Jennifer Larson, a controversial psychiatrist, makes an accidental discovery. By hypnotizing a certain Ryan Endres, she gains access to the subconscious minds of others. Knowing the impact such a discovery would have on the scientific community and the world as a whole, she experiments on Ryan with unexpected results…and potentially deadly consequences.

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***** [five stars]

Don't Miss This One !!
By Elizabeth LaFemina on May 31, 2014

I loved this book and could not put it down. It grabs you the moment you start reading. As with Dream Walker; the authors previous book, this story flows effortlessly. As the reader I could easily relate to the setting taking place on Long Island, NY. Lots of suspense, with great characters and that "Oh My Gosh" moment. Don't miss this one!

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Dream Walker

Carl Annand tries to help a friend, but in the process, inadvertently disturbs an entire crime family...and it all started with an out of body experience.

This is a dramedy (drama-comedy mix) with a paranormal twist, all while tackling the big questions of life and death. You are invited as spectators of this incredible tale that pushes love and loyalty to their breaking points!


How to Draw
People, Monsters & Characters

Author: Charles Berton
Illustrations: Charles Berton

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