My mission in life is to complete the circuit. What do I mean by that? There is an energy force similar to electro-magnetism called the life force. In Hebrew it’s called chai.

In Greek it’s chi. In Chinese it’s chi, ki or qi.

We each have this life force, and although they all come from the same place, each one is new like a blade of grass, a flower blossom or a snowflake. Each one seeks to fully express itself in the universe uniquely. This uniqueness in each of us is what brings the Creator pleasure. If we were meant to be just another cog in the wheel, life would not have advanced beyond the worker ant, uniform in neat little rows in service to the queen. But no, the human brain is the most sophisticated organism in the universe - as far as we know. Everyone has a unique fingerprint. Even the sound of our voices are unique signatures, each voice belonging to only one person.

All of us have that drive in us that seeks expression in life. To deny this life force its full potential is like the clogging of a vital artery within a physical body.

When I say that my mission is to complete the circuit, I mean that I wish to allow my free will and uniqueness to be of value to other people, enabling them also to realize their life’s vision. Since life is animation, and animation is movement, then the meaning of life is contained in our actions, which is to say that our work is the very purpose of our lives.

Our unique kind of work, so long as it genuinely expresses our life force, or chi, bridges the gaps, brings nourishment, and paves the way for others to genuinely express their chi - and on and on it goes forever. I do not wish to obstruct this abundance of life manifesting itself in billions of different ways. Rather, I wish to complete the circuit, so that all can live abundantly in full expression of life, whether in music, construction, design, storytelling, or in countless other ways.

My mission is to do what I’m best at so that others can do what they’re best at. Just like other people inspire, encourage, provide goods and services to me, I must do the same for them, but in a way that realizes my life’s vision and brings satisfaction in my work.

Not that I have achieved this mission perfectly, as none of us are perfect. We all know that. But it behooves us to hone our skills, to always find better ways, to always be growing and learning, and always striving to build that better mouse trap, as that is the challenge that keeps life interesting. We don’t always succeed, but we always seek the perfect expression of life every day – or at least we should.

The alternative is varying degrees of inaction, the worst of which is to lie dormant, and essentially cease to exist. That is not what brings the Creator pleasure. For why would he want to give us the whole world in which, and with which, we can work, only to watch us sit it out and do nothing? The more of us who live fully, the more of us can live fully. Let’s each do our part.


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